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Chris Knight
 interests…Sculptural public art, street poetry, word forming and interactive installations. The techniques I employ consist of casting (into various materials: wax, resin, metals, mud, sand, ice, food stuffs, ice, plaster and ceramic), modelling, carving (wood, stone, plaster, ice) and cutting. I’m interested in art being part of the everyday environment, a surprise, a game, something to trip over.  qualifications…2004-2007: BA (hons) Interactive Arts Degree MMU. First class honours2003-2004: BTEC Art Foundation MMU

 Projects and exhibitions…

Sept 2013                   Brighton Art Fair, Brand new multi-layer papercuts

June 2013                   Home is where the art is. Didsbury. Birds and Papercuts

May 2013                    Palace Art Fair, Fullham Palace, London. Papercuts

2009-2012                  Snapshots in time, ephemeral public alterations

Sept 2009                   Didsbury Art Festival, Northern Tennis Club, Didsbury. Birds

July 2009                   Great Northern, Manchester. Birds and dove cote

Feb 2009                    Valentine’s day flowers. Upcycled creative gifting

Sept 2008                   Brighton Art fair. Birds and restored dove cote

Apr – Sept 2008 Wordplay around Australia
Sand poetry journey 16,000 miles on the road.
Jan 2008 Mud Pies, Birchfields, Rusholme
Wordplay, mud, frost and moss.
Nov 2007 Sazani Beach Stories, Zanzibar
Tidal poetry and wordplay on the beaches of Africa, created in the afternoon shade, disappeared overnight, continued the next day for four days.
Nov 2007 – onwards Catapult Exhibition, Urbis, Manchester
Musical infestation of white songbirds roosting around the exhibition.
July 2007 – onwards The Birds Residency and community collaborative at Contact Theatre, Manchester
Ever-growing infestation of white songbirds roosting in the rafters.
June 2007 MMU Degree show BA Interactive Arts
Musical installation of roosting songbirds
Jan – Feb 2007 Scandinavian street poetry
Eight weeks travelling around Scandinavia learning to ice carve and cast creating work with local people and at the Ice Hotel Jukkasjärvi, and also exhibiting words and sculptures along the way .
Feb 2006 Wordsearch. Link Gallery MMU
Cut-out vinyl word search game in walkway
Jan 2006 British Rat Show 6Installed rats in every gallery participating in the touring British Art Show: Cornerhouse, Whitworth art Gallery, Manchester art Gallery, Urbis, Castlefield Gallery.
Nov 2005 On the Shelf, Compartment, Rogue open studios
Group exhibition, objects on a shelf. Falling brown paper sycamore seeds at the climates will
Nov 2005 Sycamores. Piccadilly Gardens Wall
Appeared overnight, fell by the warmth of the day. Brown paper sycamore seeds.
Oct 2005 Sycamores. Link Gallery MMU
Sycamores gradually spiralling down the walls over a week, slowly to fall and create a carpet of brown paper seeds.
June 2005 Rats. Garden of Delights. Platt Fields Park
Ceramic rats of leisure hidden around the event. Hide and seek game.
2005 onwards Regular public alterations and word play.
 Experiences and collaborations…
Nov 2006 onwards Assistant organiser, Brighton Craft fair. Annually
Assisting artists, putting exhibitions up, wrapping and sales.
Sept 2004 onwards Assistant organiser. Brighton Art Fair. Annually
Assisting artists, putting exhibitions up, wrapping and sales.
April 2006 onwards Manchester International Arts. Stewarding and Creating
Stewarding for public art and performance events and producing exhibits/assisting artists.
April 2006 Wallflowers Piccadilly Gardens. Artist: Jo Vickers
Assisted in creation of huge wall hanging made of flowers.
March – April 2006 Assistant Technician. Reddish Vale Technology College
Wood, plastic and metal technician. Demonstrated lost wax casting, metal pouring and brazing to 11-16 year olds.
May 2005 – April 2006 Community Arts Organiser. Ducie Court. Homeless Families
Organising creative events, art and poetry with the children and families living in the unit.
March 2006 Sand Painting. Great Northern Building. Manchester
On of a team of artists participating in a record-breaking attempt for the biggest sand painting.

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